IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications IEEE JOURNAL ON


September 1996, Volume 14, Issue 07
Guest Editors-- A. Ghafoor, R. G. Herrtwich, A. A. Lazar, and I. M. Leslie

Guest Editorial
A. Ghafoor, R. G. Herrtwich, A. A. Lazar, and I. M. Leslie

Architectures and Algorithms for Controlled Quality-of-Service
Realizing a Foundation for Programmability of ATM Networks with the Binding Architecture
A. A. Lazar, K.-S. Lim, and F. Marconcini

Quality-of-Service Routing for Supporting Multimedia Applications
Z. Wang and J. Crowcroft

QoS-Based Routing of Multimedia Streams in Computer Networks
R. Vogel, R. G. Herrtwich, W. Kalfa, H. Wittig, and L. C. Wolf

Filters: QoS Support Mechanisms for Multipeer Communications
N. Yeadon, F. Garcia, D. Hutchison, and D. Shepherd
End-Point Systems
Design, Implementation, and Experiences of the OMEGA End-Point Architecture
K. Nahrstedt and J. M. Smith

The Design and Implementation of an Operating System to Support Distributed Multimedia Applications
I. M. Leslie, D. McAuley, R. Black, T. Roscoe, P. Barham, D. Evers, R. Fairbairns, and E. Hyden

The VuSystem: A Programming System for Compute-Intensive Multimedia
C. J. Lindblad and D. L. Tennenhouse

Performance of a Storage System for Supporting Different Video Types and Qualities
J. C.-L. Liu, J. Hsieh, D. H. C. Du, and M.-J. Lin

Design and Evaluation of Data Allocation Algorithms for Distributed Multimedia Database Systems
Y.-K. Kwok, K. Karlapalem, I. Ahmad, and N. M. Pun
Multimedia Protocols
Protocol Architecture for Multimedia Applications Over ATM Networks
D. D. Kandlur, D. Saha, and M. Willebeek-LeMair

Object-Oriented Communication Structures for Multimedia Data Transport
K. Ravindran and R. P. Steinmetz

The Use of Network Delay Estimation for Multimedia Data Retrieval
J. F. Gibbon and T. D. C. Little

Quality-Based Evaluation of Multimedia Synchronization Protocols for Distributed Multimedia Information Systems
S. Baqai, M. Farrukh Khan, M. Woo, S. Shinkai, A. A. Khokhar, and A. Ghafoor
Multimedia Conferencing
MCMP: A Transport/Session Level Distributed Protocol for Desktop Conference Setup
M-H. Nguyen and M. Schwartz

Multipoint Multimedia Teleconference System with Adaptive Synchronization
C. Liu, Y. Xie, M. J. Lee, and T. N. Saadawi
Encoded-Media Communication
Performance Evaluation of 10Base-T and 100Base-T Ethernets Carrying Multimedia Traffic
F. A. Tobagi and I. Dalgic

Study of the Impact of MPEG-1 Correlations on Video-Sources Statistical Multiplexing
M. Conti, E. Gregori, and A. Larsson

Image Communication Over a Distributed Multimedia System
S. Moni and R. L. Kashyap

Protocol Architectures for 21st Century Applications