IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications IEEE JOURNAL ON


December 1993, Volume 11, Number 9
Guest Editors -- A. A. Lazar, R. Cohen, C. Sluman, and M. Sylor

Guest Editorial
A. A. Lazar, R. Cohen. C. Cluman, and M. W. Sylor

Multiprotocol Management Agents: A Look at an Implementation and the Issues to Consider
B. Muralidharan

The Common Agent -- A Multiprotocol Management Agent
O. Newkerk, M. A. Nihart, and S. K. Wong

Fujitsu-NYNEX Joint Research Common Broadband Management Platform
W. A. DeYoung and A. Chatterjee

MANDATE: MAnaging Networks Using DAtabase TEchnology
J. R. Haritsa, M. O. Ball, N. Roussopoulos, A. Datta, and J. S. Baras

Towards Richer Relationship Modeling Semantics
S. Bapat

Real-Time Management of Telephone Operating Company Networks: Issues and Approaches
S. Kheradpir, W. Stinson, J. Vucetic, and A. Gersht

Policy Hierarchies for Distributed Systems Management
J. D. Moffett and M. S. Sloman

Induction and Deduction for Autonomous Networks
Y.-D. Lin and M. Gerla

Performance Management of Multiple Access Communication Networks
S. Lee and A. Ray

A probabilistic Approach to Fault Diagnosis in Linear Lightwave Networks
R. Deng, A. A. Lazar, and W. Wang

Identification of Faulty Links in Dynamic-Routed Networks
C. Wang and M. Schwartz

Connectability: A Performance Metric for Reconfigurable Transport Networks
M. MacGregor, W. D. Grover, and U. M. Maydell

A. Klein and P. W. Baier

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