IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications IEEE JOURNAL ON


September 1991, Volume 9, Number 7
Guest Editors -- K. Sohraby, L. Fratta, I. S. Gopal, and A. A. Lazar

Guest Editorial
K. Sohraby, L. Fratta, I. S. Gopal, and A. A. Lazar

Admission Control
Equivalent Capacity and Its Application to Bandwidth Allocation in High-Speed Networks
R. Guerin, H. Ahmadi, and M. Naghshineh

Dynamic Call Admission Control in ATM Networks
H. Saito and K. Shiomoto

Rate-Based Control
Distributed Source Control: A Network Access Control for Integrated Broadband Packet Networks
G. Ramamurthy and R. S. Dighe

A Dynmic Rate Control Mechanism for Source Coded Traffic in a Fast Packet Network
N. Yin and M. G. Hluchyj

Window-Based Control
Performance on an In-Call Buffer Window Reservation/Allocation Scheme for Long File Transfers
B. T. Doshi and H. Heffes

Round-Robin Scheduling for Max-Min Fairness in Data Networks
E. L. Hahne

Scheduling and Priority Schemes
Real-Time Scheduling with Quality of Service Constraints
J. M. Hyman, A. A. Lazar, and G. Pacifici

A Framing Strategy for Congestion Management
S. J. Goestani

Priority Assignment Control of ATM Line Buffers with Multiple QOS Classes
Y. Takagi, S. Hino, and T. Takahashi

Queueing Analysis of Traffic Access Control Strategies with Preemptive and Nonpreemptive Disciplines in Wideband Integrated Networks
B. Ngo and H. Lee

Hardware Implementation
A Novel Architecture for Queue Management in the ATM Network
H. J. Chao

New Approaches
A Congestion Control Framework for ATM Networks
A. Gersht and K. J. Lee

Integration of ATM Call Admission Control and Link Capacity Control of Distributed Neural Networks
A. Hiramatsu

Local Area Network Traffic Characteristics, with Implementations for Broadband Network Congestion Management
H. J. Fowler and W. E. Leland

Secure Communications
Computer-Aided Modeling, Analysis, and Design of Communications Links
High Definition Television and Digital Video Communications
B-ISDN Applications and Economics
Wireless Personal Communications
Gigabit Network Protocols and Applications
High-Speed Computer-Network Interfaces