Self-Adaptive Networking Workshop

Colocated with SASO 2010

Budapest, Hungary, September 27, 2010


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Government Building of Hungary

Self-organizing networks are often built with explicit protocols (e.g., DHCP). Organization is a primary goal and so it is easy to recognize these systems. Self-adaptive networks often have their adaptation mechanism built into a protocol as a component. Common examples include congestion avoidance in TCP and collision detection in Ethernet. Through this workshop, we plan to explore the ways in which self-adaptation is currently used in networking (often without being recognized) and how ideas from the self-* community can be applied to perform these functions in a principled approach.

This workshop will bring together researchers from different areas such as wireless networking, quality-of-service, networking applications, intelligent networking, and self adaptive technology to gain broad insights into specific research issues related to self-adaptive networking and to foster discussions about ongoing research, establish directions for future research and collaborations, and identify best practices for applying self-adaptive techniques to networking.


The topics of interest to SAN include, but are not limited to:

  • Dynamically Configurable Protocol Stacks
  • Meta-level control and monitoring of networks
  • Use of feedback mechanisms in network operations
  • Self-explaining network systems
  • Self-adaptive and autonomic networking
  • Centralized versus distributed network control
  • Measurement of network properties in support of self evaluation
  • The role of state abstraction in network self evaluation
  • Computational models of network performance
  • Self-healing networks
  • Adaptive routing, queuing, and scheduling
  • Learning in adaptive networks
  • Integration of self-adaptive techniques in self-organizing networks
  • Mobile adaptive protocols
  • Protocol composition
  • Dynamically reprogrammable switches
  • Policy-based Network Management systems used to build self-adaptive networks