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Networked Appliances

Two articles describing this work  appeared in IEEE Communications Magazine. Oct. 2001 has an article titled, A Protocol for Secure Wide-Area Networked Appliance Communication and in Jan. 2002 there was an article on Service Portability of Networked Appliances

IPAC web page

Minutes from the informal Lunchtime BoF on Networked Appliances held Tues Dec 12 at IETF 49, San Diego (CA)

Revised (6/20/01) SIP for Networked Appliances Internet Draft [txt | PDF]

An Internet Draft, Internet Personal Appliances Control (IPAC) Discussion, Internet Draft.

Requirements for Networked Appliances: Wide-Area Access, Control, and Interworking -- Internet Draft

SIP Extensions for Communicating with Networked Appliances -- Internet Draft

Device Message Protocol (DMP): An XML based format for Wide Area Communication with Networked Appliances -- Internet Draft

Presentations on SIP for Networked Appliances

  • from Pittsburgh IETF [PDF]

  • from SIP2000 [PDF | HTML]

  • presentation by Dave Marples to universities

  • [PDF | HTML]

White Paper -- Case study that motivated the SIP for Appliances work.


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The next wave of the Internet is widely predicted to be the move towards the Networked Appliance (NA); The Fridge that can keep an inventory of your groceries and re-order when necessary or perhaps the Alarm Clock that can co-ordinate your agenda, the weather and the road conditions to determine the correct time to wake you up. It is clear that these appliances will need to communicate amongst themselves so that, for example, the Alarm Clock can turn on the Bedroom Lamp, but the mechanism these appliances will use to communicate is far from obvious.

This work investigates the rationale behind the requirement for the standardization of these mechanisms and proposes extensions to the SIP architecture to meet these requirements. It further presents ways in which these new mechanisms are intended to be used. Networked Appliances (NAs) are dedicated function consumer devices containing at least one networked processor. Examples include lamps, coffee makers and alarm clocks. The figure below provides an example of a home domain containing Networked Appliances.

We believe that Networked Appliances need a mechanism to communicate from the wide area to the local area. Work in this area is being made public through the IETF. If you are interested in this information, you may want to:

Direct any questions to the mailing list, Note that this is a closed list and you must be a member of the list to post a message.


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